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“Standing for Justice”

The Alliance of California Judges was formed on September 11, 2009, in response to the unprecedented financial crisis now facing our judicial branch.   Read more...


News in Brief

-Chief Justice Slams Assembly Over Court Bill

-Chief Justice Calls Out Lawmakers Over AB 1208 Shenanigans

-California Bill Aimed at Court Bureaucracy Passes Assembly 41-23

-California Courts' Embrace of Pharma Billionaire Cast in Doubt

-California High Court Council Opposes Bill to Aid Trial Courts

-Walters: Judges' war gets fresh ammunition

-Court Bureaucracy Coughs Up Numbers on Workers and Pay

-Trial Judges Question Direction of Courts

-Court Agency Needs $2,500 to Paint a Closet

-AOC Wishlist Proposes Frivolous Spending in Wake of Deficit

-Deal on Emergency Funds for San Francisco Court Hotly Debated

-Judicial Council votes to give SF money for courts (Video)


“Courts are not computers or buildings. Courts are sessions of people -- where children in foster care have their fates decided, where crime victims and injured persons, and those accused of crime or causing injury have their day in court. Access requires open doors.”

Judge David Lampe


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